About The Weight Loss Fastlane

Nate is 32, married (to Elizabeth), with two kids – a 6 years old (Nancy) and a 9 years old (Brian).

With a public Taco Bell and peanut butter addiction Nate has fought with losing weight for years.

Working long hours on a desk job was not very helpful too regarding fighting with his belly fat.

Without time to follow the most common exercising plans (which usually take from one to two hours overall) or follow some complex crazy diet Nate tried a lot of stuff which did not work at all.

The famous magic products (which are expensive as hell by the way) just never worked. Some stop eating everything diet worked for a few weeks, but then after fighting with the hungry instincts he just gave up on it and got his weight back and some more bonus pounds.

A few years after giving up on losing weight (most common real soaping opera of the world), one of his buddies (David) from work started losing some serious weight in a matter of weeks. He then just asked what the hell David was doing and where he was finding time to do it. After the answer Nate thought with himself, “… well, lets give it a try”. And this is where the weight loss fastlane of Nate started.

After getting the weight loss fastlane system Nate immediately started taking action on it. It was fast and easy to follow (25 minutes each day).

Well, long story short, after 10 weeks he got his dream body and keeps on improving it. He created The Weight Loss Fastlane to share his journey and therefore help as many people as possible by sharing the weight loss fastlane system David shared with him.

A picture is worth a thousand words (results = LOUD words = WOW! NO WAY!…):


(Yes, I wrote the text above and it was kind of weird talking about myself.)

Take Care.

– Nate S.