What You Do Really Need to Know About The Paleo Diet?

What You Do Really Need to Know About The Paleo Diet?

Theory Behind The Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic period (or old stone age) was quite a long time period in human evolutionary history, ranging from the period we have learned how to make use of stone tools about 2,6 million years ago up to 10. 000 BC.

On that period, we used to live as hunter-gatherers. Every single type of food we ingested was something we could find in nature.

The general theory behind the paleo eating plan is that we are genetically designed to eat the same foods our hunter-gatherer ancestors used to eat.

Since we only adopted farming about 12.000 years ago, our genome (and therefore our bodies) hasn’t yet adapted to thrive by using the most types of food we produce on a major scale. We’re still very similar to our ancestors although our environment has changed drastically.

Even though we adapted somewhat due the advent of agriculture by producing enzymes to break starch and dairy products, it is pretty clear that we certainly hadn’t the time to adapt to digesting factory-made major scale produced junk foods that dominate the western diet nowadays.

Modern Hunter-Gatherers are Exceptionally Healthy

Although they are becoming increasingly more rare…. There are still some “primitive” populations on the world who live the hunter-gatherers lifestyle, such as the Masai andKitavans.

A funny thing all of them have in common is the absence of the many modern diseases. Obesity, type II diabetes, acne, metabolic syndrome and even cancers are just completely unusual in these populations.

An even funnier thing is: when these populations decide to adopt a western diet including high amounts of sugar, refined grains along with vegetable oils, they simply quickly start suffering from the modern western diseases.

The bottom line is: western urban environment and diet are unnatural and harmful to our bodies.

What You Do Really Need to Know About The Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet is Very Likely The Perfect Human Diet

I particularly believe that the paleo diet is pretty much as healthy as a diet can get.

It is based upon eating real, unprocessed foods like lean meats, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats & oils, seeds along with sometimes tubers like potatoes or sweet potatoes.

I personally also like to include on my diet high-fat dairy products as butter, cream and cheese.

On my opinion, we were all born to be, healthyfit and happy. Do not follow low-fat eating plans since fats are essential to the accomplishment of a complete functional healthy body.

Alright, this was just the tip of the iceberg regarding the Paleo Diet. There are many resources you can consult on the internet if you would like to learn more about it.

10 Proven Fat-Burning Foods and Beverages You Should Be Eating and Drinking

10 Proven Fat-Burning Foods and Beverages You Should Be Eating and Drinking

All men are created equal as Thomas Jefferson would say, but when it comes to weight loss not the same is true we can’t say all foods are created equal.

Certain foods increase the number of calories we burn, some can kill our appetite, and some can do both.

It can be fiber, protein, healthy oils or many other components found in foods.

So now I’m going to share with you 10 proven fat burning foods and drinks you can include on your diet to accelerate your weight loss immediately.

1. Fish and Lean Meats


If you want to lose weight, protein is the king of the nutrients.

The best sources of quality protein you can add on your nutrition plan are fish and lean meats.

Studies show that a high protein diet will boost your metabolism and burn up to 80-100 additional calories per day. A study says it can go as high as 260 calories per day.

Another study said that protein at 30% of calories helped women eat about 441 less calories per day and as a result lose almost a pound of weight per week, without intentionally restricting anything (1).

A high-protein diet can also help on reducing cravings and desire for late-night snacking, and has been shown to help on preventing weight regain during a “maintenance” period (23).

What does it mean? Want to lose some weight and just never regain it? Consider making a permanent increase on your daily protein intake.

Eating enough protein can be a challenge. So I recommend you to use a nutrition tracker (for example, the Cron-o-meter) for some time to ensure you are getting enough protein daily.

10 Proven Fat-Burning Foods and Beverages You Should Be Eating and Drinking

2. Nuts

Although being high in fat, nuts are a friendly type of food to include on your daily diet.

They are high in fiber, low in carbs, and additionally have healthy fats and proteins.

A positive thing about the nuts structure is that it is complex and it makes hard to the body to access the energy (calories) of the food. In fact 10-15% of the calories are simply not absorbed (4).

Additionally, nuts are highly satiating. Therefore, they will make you feel fuller while ingesting less calories. As a bonus there is proof they might boost your metabolism (5).

People which eat nuts (or peanuts) usually tend weight less. Controlled trials have established that nuts cause weight reduction and lead to considerable decreases in the waist size (6).

One certain study indicates that a low calorie healthy eating plan supplemented with almonds brought 62% greater weight reduction than the identical plan supplemented with complex carbs (7).

3. Coffee

Coffee isn’t the devil it has been made out to be lately.

In fact, it is very healthy. It’s loaded with antioxidants and bioactive compounds (7).

There are many evidences that prove caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee, boosts fat burning and help with weight control (8).

Being more precise… Caffeine has been shown to temporarily boost metabolism in 3-11% and temporarily increase fat burning up to 10-29% (9).

One study show that 600 mg of caffeine per day (taking 4-6 cups of coffee) will help you burn 79-150 additional calories per day (10). But tolerance to those effects can build up quickly.

4. Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes may help you gaining or reducing your weight. It will only depend on the way you cook them.

For example… Fries and potato chips might be highly unhealthy and fattening, not same is true when it comes to whole potatoes.

You will see it within the scale called the satiety index. Which is used for measuring the ability of a type of food to result in fullness and consequently make people eat less on their next meal.

White potato, interestingly, scores the highest on the foods tested (11).

What does it mean? It means that eating more boiled white potatoes will make you eat less on your next meal.

There is evidence that a protein on potatoes named “protease inhibitor two” have positive impact on the appetite hormones, but there is necessity of more research to prove this theory (12).

If you wish to boost the weight reduction effects of your potatoes further, then make sure you cool them down right after you boiled them. This increases a lot their content of resistant starch, which is a fiber that can help you on losing weight (13).

5. Coconut Oil

The fats in coconut oil aren’t the same as most the other fats.

They consist mostly of certain fatty acids which are called medium chain triglycerides (or simply MCTs).

These types of fats are metabolized differently. Therefore, they can have potent biological effects (14).

Some studies show that these fatty acids can make you feel so full that you will eat up to 256 less calories per day, and also boost the number of calories you will burn by up to 120 additional calories per day (15).

Interestingly, studies have looked whether coconut oil can cause weight loss or not in humans.

These studies didn’t find a reduction in weight, but they did show a significant decrease in waist circumference in people who took 30 mL (2 tablespoons) of coconut oil per day (16).

All this means that Coconut oil is an effective supplement at helping you to lose belly fat, the harmful fat, which tends to build up around the organs.

Top 5 Proven Ways to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Fast

Top 5 Proven Ways to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Fast

It truly is that season again — bikini time! Time to shed your multi-layered clothing in return for disclosing styles. While it is a time some people are looking forward to, this is also a time of majority dread. And what is the biggest dread of all? Belly fat! As hard as we may try out, most people just can’t get rid of it. So what on earth can we do to finally have the smooth, sexy abs we most crave?

This is a straight to the point little guide that will help you on learning how to finally burn fat around your belly.

1. The Fats!

We have been conditioned in the last few decades to believe on several false ‘truths’ regarding fats. At first many of us were told that all fats were dangerous, and you should avoid them totally in order to get to lose your belly fat. The outcome? People lose weight, but additionally lose nutrients their bodies badly needed because so many vitamins are not properly digested without fat. Then many of us were advised that just certain fats are good for us, and in order to avoid others totally. The outcome? By staying clear of ‘unhealthy fats’ contained naturally in numerous products, people have to spend tons on costly, organic food market items. Not something most of the people can carry out!

So as an alternative to focusing on cutting fats, pay more focus on other things, such while adding nutritious, fat-burning food items on your nutrition plan. Eating fat doesn’t cause you to gain fat around your belly. Just make sure that you have a well-balanced diet and you will be fine.

Top 5 Proven Ways to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Fast

2. Adding Foods Instead of Taking Them Away

When we think of shedding pounds, most people think regarding taking things out from their diet plans. But in fact, the best strategy is usually to add items to their diet plans. The brand-new ‘whole food items craze isn’t all just a fad — eating these types of food is one of the fastest strategies to burn fat around your belly. So as an alternative to thinking about with calories, think about nutrients. Mix it up some whole food items on your diet in order to increase your weight loss speed. Ok, they are not cheap, but they are definitely worth a try. The key is to maintain balance, so you will not get broke from eating well.

3. But be Cautious About “Healthy” Alternatives

Many people choose food items that look healthy because of the packaging. We fall for that “whole grain” label and purchase pre-made meals created using “all-natural” ingredients assuming they’ll burn fat around our bellies. But please take a closer look on the ingredients list of the many “natural” products on the grocery stores shelves and many times you are going to see a bunch of chemicals as well as processed food items which you by no means even been aware of that can cause you to gain fat around your belly. Always read the small letters.

4. Drink Smart

When we think about healthy food items, drinks similar to smoothies, shakes as well asjuices often come to mind. And even though sipping a avocado as well as banana smoothie can be delicous and helpful on removing belly fat, be sure to watch these liquids! Drinking a large quantity of them can not only surplus your body with calorie consumption, but can lead it to overload on nutrients causing a variety of troubles regarding digestion. Proper digestion is usually an essential area of the best diet plan for weight loss.

5. Exercise Smart

If you would like to burn that stubborn fat around your belly I’m glad to say to you that fast pounding the treadmill for hours will not do the job. It has been proven again and again that the proper way to melt away pure fat is by quick bursts associated with high-intensity, multi-muscle moves. So as an alternative to thinking about only doing cardio all day, as the easiest method to burn fat around your belly, focus on compound movements similar to:

  • Squat Jumps
  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Lung

Mix these up using strength moves (even the ones without using weight load such as push-ups and pull-ups) and you’ll be in the belly fat loss ultra fast mode!

There are several older methods of burning fat that people know but they just don’t work as fast. So step out from your comfort zone, get to your fat loss foods as well as exercises, and watch that super fast weight-loss happen!

Best 5 Ways To Lose Weight Really Fast: Step by Step

Best 5 Ways To Lose Weight Really Fast: Step by Step

Step 1: Clean out your kitchen, eradicate junk foods

Many folks fill their kitchens with unhealthy foods which contains sugary snack foods and drinks. These meals are full of carbohydrates and also sugars which in turn when consumed get converted into complex body fat and sugar. The enzyme in charge of converting carb supply and sugar into fat won’t let you live long if you keep eating unhealthy foods. Yes, this is a wake up call!

Long term use of junk meals and sugary drinks contributes to the system converting starch and also sugars in to bad cholesterol. The negative cholesterol is actually stored around the thighs, hips and also waist therefore resulting in obesity.

To lose fat fast you should clean out your kitchen and get rid of the junk meals and sugary drinks.

Step 2: Buy fruits and veggies

Fruits for example apples and also pears are generally rich options for fiber, water and other minerals that assist to accelerate the rate of your metabolism therefore resulting in fat expenditure and consequently weight loss. Natural sugars present in the fruits act as being a source of energy for bodily functions when they get converted into glucose.

Vegetables like spinah and kales are generally rich options for various minerals for example potassium, calcium supplement and fiber. Calcium is recognized to accelerate fat loss therefore resulting in weight reduction. Filling your kitchen with fruits and veggies will help you prepare healthy meals and also snacks like delicious salads.

Best 5 Ways To Lose Weight Really Fast: Step by Step

Step 3: Use your kitchen for what it was made for, cook your own food

Most restaurants tend not to prepare healthy foods and ingredients used in making the meals are full of unsaturated fat and sugar. Most people are fond of eating in restaurants or perhaps ordering meals from the fast food chains. While it usually is convenient to have meals prepared for you or shipped to you, you’re increasing probabilities of staying (or getting) fat.

Preparing your own meals enable you to purchase naturally grown ingredients for example fresh organic vegetables, spices, fruits and eating them as soon as possible while they are still fresh; On this way you will have the capacity to gain all of the benefits from the minerals and nutrients therefore slimming down in the process.

Step 4: Drink water often

Water consists of no calories so it is perfect for helping anyone to lose excess weight fast. Experts advise individuals to consume six to eight glasses of water every day. Many individuals are busy daily and may well forget to follow along with the standard schedule of drinking water.

The simplest way of not forgetting to drink your needing supply of water is by wrapping six to eight rubber bands around your wrist and every time you take a new glass of water, you should remove a rubber band and place it aside. Water regularly and particularly before meals can work as an appetite suppressor. This will inhibit you from consuming unhealthy foods or sugary drinks.

To drink water between bites while eating your meals allows you to fill up your belly therefore decreasing your appetite in the process.

Step 5: Simply move

Although all the above actions are vital towards the process of slimming down fast,you have to also take into account joining a effective exercising program.

You don’t have to join in some costly gym, as there are plenty of home programs which are cheap and don’t require any or close from no equipment. Remember, this is the most important thing to keep your body up and moving. Burn a lot of calories and getting gorgeous and healthy.

THe bottom line is that losing weight fast is a step by step process which begins on the kitchen by eliminating the unhealthy foods and sugary drinks. After the junk meals and sugary drinks are already removed, the next step is to purchase fruits and veggies which will enable anyone to prepare healthy home grilled meals and also healthy snack foods therefore completing the third step.

The fourth step advocate anyone to drink more water often as this will suppress one’s appetite therefore eliminating probabilities of snacking and also consuming unhealthy foods. The fifth and last step is to just move. Burn a lot of calories, get healthy, achieve your dream body, be happy and smiling.

Learn The Best 3 High Speed Fat Loss Techniques

Learn The Best 3 High Speed Fat Loss Techniques

Everyone wants to lose weight and continue being healthy whilst also looking trim. But sometimes, you intend to lose a lot of fat within a short period of time. The simplest way to lose weight is to reduce it quickly. Losing fat quickly will make sure that you don’t regain what you have dropped since you will be motivated to retain the reduced degree of fat. But what does it take to be able to lose a lot of fat within a short amount of time?

It can be done if you can adopt certain methods for this purpose. I will outline certain requirements for reaching considerable fat loss within a short time and recommend methods that may help you fulfill this purpose.

1) Increase Your Metabolism

If you intend to lose weight fast, you should increase your metabolic rate. Fat burning is the process which will drive fat far from your entire body. You need to keep losing fat regularly. How could you do it? Eat a bigger number of meals every day! I am not being sarcastic. Eat less, but more often. Eat just enough to extinguish the hunger, do not stuff your stomach. Soon you will experience fat getting burnt quickly. You will probably feel hungry soon, causing you to be ready to take the future bite. But what you eat is additionally important. If you are not willing to eat lean meats and complex carbs, this program won’t work for you. Eat food which will be light and digestible. Fruit, vegetables, cereals and liver are great options. Ensure that you include any shake including wheat grass, spirulina or maybe chlorella as part of your meal once every day. Choose a diet plan you will be able that you follow consistently for sure.

Learn The Best 3 High Speed Fat Loss Techniques

2) Make sure you drink more water

Drinking a lot of water will help you in numerous ways. In addition to flushing out toxins from your body, water will provide the energy you will need to be always active. Drinking water is critical to overcome the food craving and support reducing your ingesting levels.

3) Choose a proper exercising program

While any kind of exercise done regularly will assist you on losing weight, a selective approach is needed to lose weight fast. Running, jogging, electrical power walking, aerobics along with dancing will help you lose more weight eventually. Exercising around 20-25 minutes every day regularly will be a lot better than spending 60 minutes in performing exercises at irregular intervals. You can take every day or two off in very week. But working out 4-6 days a week is critical.

Needless to say, the earlier mentioned plan is recommended for people keeping normal health. If you suffer by diabetes, blood pressure or other medical problems, you need to consult your medical professional before starting any diet regime or training regime on your own.