How To Use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss On Your Diet and Recipes

Are you planning to add braggs apple cider vinegar on your diet plan in order to accelerate your weight loss?

If you are then make sure you know exactly all the benefits, how to use it and what is the best brand.

When it comes to losing weight we all want to have an extra edge in order to accelerate the process, since it is never easy (even for fitness professionals).

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) can definitely give you an edge in this challenging process, but before start using it is good to understand why and how it works.

Here is what you are going to learn in this article:

  1. The several health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar
  2. Scientific evidence proving that ACV helps with losing weight
  3. What is the best brand of ACV
  4. Videos demonstrating how to make delicious recipes with ACV
  5. What time of the day you should drink ACV for optimizing your results with its use
  6. How much ACV you should drink for achieving the best possible results

This first part is important but I have to say that it is kind of boring!

If you are in a hurry and just want to learn what is the best brand of apple vinegar, what time of the day you should drink it, learn a few recipes, and the other practical details feel free to jump to the middle of the article.

The Many Health Benefits of Drinking ACV

There is extensive research proving how using apple cider vinegar can support you on losing weight.The studies have found that drinking this specific type of vinegar for about three months causes a considerable decrease in overall body weight, waistline circumference and triglycerides levels.

Adding apple cider vinegar in your diet can also benefit you by improving your heart health condition. This type of vinegar has malic acid, which is capable of cleaning clogged arteries, organ tissues and lymph nodes.

By applying ACV to the skin it will help to remove warts, acne and numerous other skin imperfections. Many people use ACV on their bath water to better their skin health naturally.

Additionally, drinking ACV has numerous other health benefits such as:

  • betters sleep quality,
  • treats discomfort of heartburn
  • considered a powerful natural remedy for insomnia (especially if combined with raw honey)
  • improves energy levels
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps with digestion

As you can see ACV can benefit you in many ways not only with losing weight.

bragg organic apple cider vinegar diet for weight loss


ACV in itself is not a complete solution for losing really weight fast, but it can definitely be a powerful complementary ally for your weight loss efforts.

Keep on reading to understand how.



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Scientific Studies Demonstrate That Apple Cider Vinegar Will Help You to Lose Weight


Studying The Benefits of ACV

Many studies demonstrate that apple cider vinegar will increase your satiety sensation through its components, helping you on eating less calories and therefore automatically leading to natural fat loss.

What basically happens is that ACV helps your body to lower insulin and blood sugar levels in your bloodstream naturally and this will help you on losing weight over time.

Alright, lets not get too technical here… If you want to get deep into the studies click on the numbers I will insert between parentheses =).

You can also use ACV combined with high protein meals. This little trick will increase your sensation of fullness substantially and will make you eat less daily (1, 2).

It is not rocket science.

By reducing the number of calories you ingest daily you will experience weight reduction naturally after some time.

There is no magic here. It is just straight facts. I will not bother you much more with these details that are not that important to you anyway.

What you truly want to know is actually below. Like the pratical stuff (I just thought it was important to mention the things above to make this piece as complete as possible).

So… Anyway, it is not an bad idea to also include some lean protein items in your meals besides ACV. Some good options are:

  • Eggs
  • Fishes
  • Poultry
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Shrimps
  • Lobsters
  • Other unprocessed protein items

Just a few more facts for the geeks… (If you are not very excited about science you can jump this section and learn directly what is the best brand of acv on the next subheading).

A specific study with obese individuals (3) has demonstrated that drinking ACV daily will lead to  waistline circumference reduction (the dreaded belly fat), lower blood triglycerides and reduce weight. Here are the amounts of apple vinegar which were used in the study:

  • For 15mL (1 tablespoon) usage: Lost 2.6 pounds, or 1.2 kilograms.
  • For 30mL (2 tablespoons) usage: Lost 3.7 pounds, or 1.7 kilograms.

It is important to remember that this study was made over a period of three months. Therefore, you can realize that the effects of ACV on your weight loss will be modest. It is a complement rather than a main solution for losing weight fast.

Hold on… I will share with you at the end of this article a definitive solution for losing weight fast, so make sure you stick until the end.

The truth is that only adding or subtracting one specific ingredient in your diet plan will rarely have a significant change on your weight.

Usually you will have to consider your entire nutrition plan and lifestyle. You will need to associate a variety of techniques for achieving great weight loss results quickly.

In general, ACV will be a useful weight loss complement, mostly by increasing your satiety sensation and lowering glucose as well as insulin levels in your bloodstream.

Enough studies for now, right?

What is The Best Brand of Apple Cider Vinegar?


organic braggs apple cider vinegar diet

Although this is usually a hard question to answer regarding most health related products, when it comes to ACV, this question has a straightforward answer.

What is the best ACV brand?

Bragg (you can see hundreds of positive reviews about the ACV made by this brand on Amazon. On the Bragg’s ACV bottle you will find out details of how the organic ACV is made. The process is quite simple to understand).

Why? Basically it is because it has all the ideal characteristics (organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, has 5% of acidity and includes the “mother”) that apple cider vinegar must have in order to deliver all the health benefits I just told you about above.

Have a few minutes to learn some cool recipes with ACV?

Check out the videos below to learn more about how to use ACV for weight loss on your routine.


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This video shows a great braggs apple cider vinegar weight loss recipe (delicious juice).


This video shows how to make three simple delicious food recipes with ACV.



Update: This video explores again the benefits of drinking ACV, and it mentions this article as a good source of information =).

I recommend watching it on Youtube. I didn’t add it in the page because it would make it too slow to load.

acv for losing weight reviews

On What Time Of The Day Should I Drink Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss?


ACV weight loss recipe drink results

Any time of day is good for drinking ACV for experiencing its health benefits. However, I would recommend you to drink it around thirty minutes before your meals so it will improve your digestion and reduce your appetite, which are both good things if you want to lose weight fast.


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How Much Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

I recommend you to use it initially two times a day, using a total of 30mL (2 tablespoons). As you get used to drinking it, you can increase its use for up to four times a day (4 tablespoons) as in the study I mentioned before.

It has only three calories per tablespoon so don’t worry about the calories when it comes to drinking ACV.

Be aware that drinking more ACV than the recommended by the studies will not make you lose weight any faster.

Like I said before ACV will help you on appetite reduction and on your digestive system, in turn supporting fat loss. Simply increasing the dosage you take daily will not really benefit you regarding losing weight.

Unfortunately FAST weight loss isn’t possible only with the usage of ACV. It will take some time until you start seeing results. 

If you want a main solution for losing weight fast which you can use along with ACV as a complement I recommend you to click on the link below to get to know The Weight Loss Fastlane system.


Get to Know The Weight Loss Fastlane System


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*Last Comments (tip: some answers are in the article already, I recommend reading it entirely before sending me any comments through email. I appreciate though reading success stories, so feel free to sending me reviews and results from adding ACV in your diet):

What’s your point of view regarding using protein bars (I know this is not closely related to your article, sorry)? – Robert T.

Answer: Robert, it all depends on what it’s made of. You need to read the fine print and do your own research. When it comes to food I read pretty everything I can about a product before putting it inside my body. I am not a specialist in Nutrition, but after some time reading a lot of content in the field you start getting a good grasp of the basics. If your intent is to simply have a quick meal filled with protein I’d say for you to go with cooked eggs, beef jerky or nuts, or other food which you don’t need to think much about because it’s simple and straightforward. The more ingredients these bars have, the more complicated it’s to figure out if it is truly healthy for you or not.

Hi there Nate, I have been trying a normal vinegar diet and the results are coming nicely. I would like to know if there is any difference between the normal vinegar and the one made from apples. Thank you very much.
– Maria P.

Answer: Hello Maria, at first thank you for stopping by for making a comment. I appreciate your time. I will not give you a very long answer regarding the difference between the normal vinegar and ACV. There are many differences, so I could actually write a whole new article on that topic. What I can say is that the benefits of drinking braggs ACV absolutely outweight the benefits of ingesting the common vinegar we all have in our kitchens. So, anyway, long story short, keep drinking the one made of apples, it will give you the best “bang for your buck” hands down. Oh, and there is not such a thing as a braggs apple cider vinegar diet, this ingredient is more like a complement rather than something your meals should be based on. Also remember to buy the one by Bragg, it is the only brand I know which produces organic raw unfiltered apple vinegar, and the price is pretty great too. As said in the article your apple cider vinegar weight loss results will actually mainly come from the efforts you put into maintaining a regular healthy meal plan.

Is there any chance that you can make some videos cooking a few recipes with this type of vinegar? I’ve been trying out some new diets and I think I’ll insert braggs ACV into my meals daily. How much should I drink a day?
– John W.

Answer: Hi John, the second video in this page shows three delicious ACV recipes which you can easily execute at your kitchen. The video demonstrates in detail (step by step) how you can cook with this ingredient. I recommend you to insert this product in your diet slowly, it will give you terrific results if you associate it with a balanced healthy diet and some exercises. The daily amount recommended is from two to four tablespoons daily. You don’t need to necessarily include it in your dishes, it’s possible too to drink the daily recommended amount with a glass of water.

Does this vinegar really help with losing some pounds? How did you take it yourself? Will it help me? I’m weighting 223 pounds now. I need some help. I haven’t found a diet that really delivers great results yet.
– Flavia S.

Answer: Hello Flavia, the short answer to your first question is a simple “yes”.  A lot of people ask me “Does apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?”, I then have to pause and say the long answer which is “it depends”. ACV does help to you lose weight. But this vinegar is not some type of magical potion which is going to make you super lean overnight. You have to make your part. Eat clean, exercise regularly, and sleep properly, THEN add some supplements which are going to accelerate the process of getting fit. The results will come for you no matter how much you weight, but you have to work for them. Regarding how to take ACV you can check on the content in this article or on the answer to the comment above. I appreciate your time, thank you for stopping by and writing to me.

At first thank you very much for taking the time for writing this information. I have a blog myself and I know how long it takes to produce a terrific piece of content like that. Most people take for granted our work, because well… The internet is “free” anyways, right? … Well, but that is not my question … I would like to know what is your perspective on mixing up ACV in my pre-workout shake. What do you think? I never done that, but well, since it helps with losing weight I might as well throw it in the mix of supplements I am taking before working out. If possible answer as soon as possible, I am about to try this madness I guess. – Sara U.

Answer: Hey Sara, thanks for stopping by and send me this comment. True story what you said about people in the internet. Sometimes it really bothers me. But I just think about all the people I can help, that really helps me to forget about all the haters and just keep moving forward no matter what non-sense people throw at me. Regarding your question, I don’t see any problem really in adding ACV in your shake of supplements. I think the taste will not very nice, depending on what you will put inside that shake. I never tried it, but I’d say go ahead. In fact, I am going to try it myself … I hope we don’t die or anything. Anyway, thank you again for your comment.

Nate I would like to know about what is your opinion about using ACV for muscle building. You mention several benefits of using ACV to lose weight however you mention nothing about if it helps someone who actually wants to gain “lean mass”. I have been looking for some information on this topic however I didn’t find anything that talks specifically about this topic. – Brian S.

Answer: Brian, I appreciate your question. I had never actually though much about this topic, so I have done some research myself. In terms of muscle building ACV can help you in keeping your overall health and energy levels in order to do the procedures you need to do to build lets say “lean mass”. However, I have to say to you that I can’t see a considerable contribution coming from drinking ACV if your objective is to build muscle. I would say that you should consult a nutritionist which can help you to build a balanced diet based that will assist you on achieving your fitness goals, which in your case is to build more muscle. I am pretty sure that a nutritionist will indicate to you several others components that you can insert on your diet that will be way more effective in helping you to build muscles, other than drinking vinegar.

What are the braggs vinegar benefits regarding adding it into low carb meals? I’m currently in a caloric deficit, I just left a bulking phase.  – Jake C.

Jake, as mentioned in the article the bragg apple cider vinegar with the mother delivers several health benefits to your body, including increasing the speed of the leaning down (cutting) phase or process. I recommend you to stick with the usage of this ingredient for as long as possible. There is no problem in using it in a caloric deficit because it basically has close to no calories. I believe that the main benefit is really the natural increase in the speed of fat loss. It does not make miracles though, you can not expect to drink it two to three times per day as recommended and mess up your nutrition plan eating junk food (like donuts, cakes, candies), and then expect to reach your fitness objectives.

It is simple. Eat clean (vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, sprouts, and I know you are on a low carb meal plan, but ingesting a few good low glycemic index carbohydrates like roasted or cooked sweet potatoes or even a small portion of brown rice won’t hurt your caloric deficit, you just need to keep aware of your meal sizes, a good tool for tracking calories is MyFitnessPal, it’s free and just great). Sleep well too is super important (sleep for at least seven hours per night in a completely dark and noise free bedroom, that alone will increase the production of growth hormone in your body which improves muscle building speed). Then have a solid workout plan and follow it daily. That’s pretty much it.

There are multiple ways to adding this ingredient on daily meals, some ways are described above on the videos (you can easily find other acv weight loss recipes along the web, just make a quick research on Youtube and you will find extremely simple recipes which you can cook quickly and that are surprisingly delicious). Well, I guess this is it my friend. Please keep me updated regarding your progress. I hope you find this answer useful in some way.

PS.: Sorry for writing too much. Sometimes I sound like a broken record. I truly enjoy writing back to all my readers, however lately things are getting super busy at work. So If you sent me an email and is waiting for it to be inserted in this page, please have patience. I know it’s boring to wait. I hate it too. But I can’t quit my job, because just like most of you I have a family to feed. Thank you for being comprehensive. I love you all.



How To Use Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss On Your Diet and Cooking Recipes
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