Losing Weight Through Gaming

Losing Weight Through Gaming

From their perceived limited social capacity to their supposedly unhealthy condition, video gamers are stamped with various unbecoming characteristics that eventually stick as unfitting stereotypes across cultures and backgrounds. However, is this fair and factual for them to be labeled with these stereotypes?

As of 2016, Statista states that there is an estimated 912 million gamers from the Asia and 200 million gamers from North America that will be playing at the same time. Additionally, video games have taken a more social-driven role in terms of entertainment and leisure for its patrons. Impulse points out that multiplayer and teamwork-oriented gameplay is become more than just a current trend among video game users. So, the notion that gamers are as solitary as hermits is grossly inaccurate.

The debunking of other gaming myths, especially when it comes to gamer-typecasts regarding their health and fitness, doesn’t stop there. If you happen to be a gamer who wants to drop unwanted poundage and get fit, we propose two things. First, heed the advice we have put on The Weight Loss Fast Lane. In order for any weight loss program to be effective, you have to be self-aware and as realistic with your goals as possible. Second, find a form of physical activity that aligns with your interests. This can be surprisingly easier than expected if you know what to look for. In this post we look at losing weight through gaming.

Ward Off Weight Woes With the Wii


How Gaming Makes You Lose Weight

It’s easy to park yourself in front of your gaming console for an extended period of time and just lose yourself in the virtual experience. But if you’re also serious about hitting your weight-loss targets, you can still do exact same thing and more via Nintendo’s Wii.

Livestrong says that Wii workouts can compare to a session at your local gym and improve cardiovascular health. However, the direct comparison can truthfully be made if you put in the effort and turn in at least 30 minutes daily. If you think about it that’s very attainable when spread over a seven-day period of regularly relieving yourself from your couch, getting active, and sweating buckets.

It is interesting to note that there is a convincing possibility for Nintendo’s popular gaming platform to take things up a notch. Apptrigger has suggested that by merging features and technologies from the Wii over to the new Nintendo Switch, Nintendo could capture the minds and hearts of fitness novices, enthusiasts, athletes, and everyone in between for furthering each of their journeys towards self-improvement.

Sharpen Your Sports Skills Like a Gamer


Basketball For Fat Loss

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital space, the presence of sports is ubiquitous and undeniable. Simulation video game series NBA 2K and association soccer videogame series FIFA have consistently cultivated a loving and loyal fan base throughout its annual editions. The same way sports video games have lit up living rooms, college dorms, and recreational centers around the world over the years, they have also successfully crossed over to the online universe.

Such is the popularity that already questions are being asked on whether eSports are the future of sports. For instance, Goal.com reports that soccer teams in the Netherlandsare employing players to represent their digital teams in a virtual league. Online tournaments between players are becoming a fast growing industry. Viewers will watch live digital online games to pick up tips and sharpen skills that could be applied to both the physical and digital version of their chosen sport.

The digital realm has revolutionized how sports fans can now interact with their chosen sport. While the most popular way is through simulators, like FIFA or NBA 2K, other companies have combined sports with fan’s other interests. Entertainment portal Slingo Slots has both a tennis-inspired slot game, Centre Court, and a soccer-oriented offering called Football Star, that not only cater to a broader gaming and sporting audience, but bring a fresh flavor to sports video gaming’s ever-growing appeal and popularity. With so much choice available it is no wonder that more people are turning to digital sports.

This poses an interesting question: does mastering sports video games, or any other kind and genre for that matter, translate to better sports skills and will it help you lose weight?

Journal Communication Research via Men’s Health stresses that from just 20 minutes of playing video games you are able to boost your hand-eye-coordination. If you’re looking to get into a new sport to supplement your weight-loss program or just trying to switch things up in your training to avoid monotony and boredom, this could be a useful warm-up to engage your senses and awaken the athlete in you.

Losing weight is not the same for everyone. If you are a fan of gaming we hope this article has shown that you can incorporate your digital interests to help you lose weight.


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