Finally Understand Why You Can’t Lose Weight Fast


I know… losing weight fast is hard.

Having the will to stick to a healthy meal plan everyday requires massive discipline.

Doing exercises regularly is simply not that cool and sexy. Some days you simply don’t feel like doing it.

It sucks to stop eating those sugary baked goods we all love since our childhoods.

I mean… How can someone not accept a warm chocolate chip cookie right off the oven, right?

That smell of any well made baked good seems to trigger on us certain emotions that are simply too good to ignore (thanks a lot grandma!).

Cookies and Milk

Jokes aside …

I mean it. 100%. It’s tough.

Look, everyone is different. I am not here to tell you that everything said below holds true to you. Maybe it does not.

But after getting to know hundreds of people personally and thousands online, I have to say that it is simply impossible to not start recognizing certain patterns.

After a few years getting to know people and helping them on their journey to become the best versions of themselves physically, I have come to realize that what stop many of you guys to reach your dream body is simply a matter of having the wrong narrative playing over and over again in your heads.

Most of the times you are your worst enemy.

Constantly criticizing, judging, abusing, misleading, and simply setting yourself up for failure.

Please don’t get me wrong. We all over life fluctuate between high states of consciousness and paranoid crappy town.

Maybe that is not your case. Maybe your ego and mind both function in a completely different way. If that is the case… You feel completely happy and accomplished (including physically), please feel free to leave.

This text is for those who are NOT 100% happy. Things are not all nice and shit.

This piece of writing is a version of a recurring conversation I often have with people I meet offline or online who ask me some version of the questions below:

” Why I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what i do ? “

” What to do when you can’t lose weight fast ? “

” Are there medical reasons why I can’t lose weight ? “

” Why can’t I lose weight even with diet and exercise ? “

If you want the answers to all these questions stay with me until the end.

I have to warn you. This is not a very pleasant reading. In fact, my wife said to me that maybe I should not publish it. She thinks people are going to get mad with me.

Sidenote: Well… Sorry honey. But I believe people need this more than I need approval.

Quick Alert: If you have been diagnosed by a certified doctor with any of the following medical conditions, then sharpening your mindset will only be part of the job.

But first let me be straightforward regarding the efforts that you are putting in already. It’s very likely you are simply not executing well one of the three basic pillars for fast weight loss, which are:

  • Eating Properly: I don’t even mean a super restrict diet. I just mean following a healthy nutrition plan which guarantees a caloric deficit with a well balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. REASONABLE sized Cheat meals once or twice weekly will not screw up totally your weight loss. Just don’t be a maniac that eats 1000-1500kcal per day and then eats 4000-8000kcal per cheat meal / day. Common sense most of the times just stay in the heads of people, but when it comes to actions it seems that common sense isn’t really that common.
  • Sleeping Well: The importance of sleep is MASSIVELY underrated. On the future I will write more on this topic. People have no idea of how much sleep is important for keeping all the substances in balance in the complex group of biological systems that is the human body. In order to sleep well you need a noise free and completely dark bedroom. Seven to nine hours is the amount of time recommended for most people (but each body is different, so make your own experiments and see how you feel, pick whatever amount which works best for you).

  • Exercising Regularly: Just moving around for about 30 minutes per day will do the job. Take a walk four to seven times per week and that is enough.

Be honest with yourself. Even if you have any of the diagnosis below, it is very hard to not lose weight when you eat clean, exercise and sleep well.

Just the caloric deficit will make a massive difference. Have you ever seen the pictures of people on concentration camps? EVERYONE was extremely thin no matter what condition they had. People would have to work the entire day (spending a bunch of calories) and would eat little amounts of foods.

Caloric Deficit = Weight Loss

No matter what is your current condition …

Remember: Your body simply cannot create calories out of nowhere. Use basic math… Track your caloric intake and spending, make sure you have a considerable caloric deficit at the end of each day and BOOM! You will lose weight fast.

Caloric Deficit Is Simple

What I mean with this is that achieving your dream body while having medical issues might take a while. You very likely will need help from qualified people. However, please do not turn this into an excuse to self-sabotage your fitness journey for the rest of your life.

There are certain actions that need to be taken in order to treat these conditions and only certified professionals (like a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist and or a nutritionist) will be able to help you properly. The medical conditions (or reasons) which can stop you from losing weight fast are the following:

  • Hormonal imbalance: Any condition which affects hormones will mess up your capacity of losing weight. The most common health conditions which cause hormonal imbalance have something to do with the endocrine system. Endocrine disorders can seriously affect the way your body works. If you think this is your issue visit a qualified endocrinologist.

  • Chronic Stress: No, not everybody suffers from chronic stress. I know the type of lifestyle most of us have today provides a considerable amount of stress daily. However, chronic stress is different than regular stress. If not treated thoroughly it can not only affect your body weight but also contribute to the development of depression, heart disease, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other conditions.

  • Medications: Not only medical conditions but also certain types of medications can cause weight gain. If you ingest any prescription drug daily such as birth control pills, antidepressants, anti-psychotics, type 2 diabetes remedies, medicaments for high blood pressure or heart condition, or any other type of medication which can affect your metabolism considerably, please have a conversation with your doctor. Ask about the side effects of what you’re ingesting to make sure your medical treatment is not affecting enough your metabolism to the point of being a significant component on your weight loss capacity.

Enough about medical conditions. These are the most common I came across not only by researching, but also by getting to know people. Be aware that there are other conditions which can affect your metabolism considerably.

In doubt, visit your doctor.

However, I have to say that even people with serious medical issues have already been successful on accomplishing a healthy body and mindset. Therefore, it means that at the end of the day it’s really up to you.

How committed are you with your fitness journey?

Enough about health issues!

Let’s now jump into some real talk about losing weight, shall we?



Rage Will Not Help You Lose Weight

You hate yourself.


Yes, that is right. I said it.

People think that weight loss techniques will solve their problems:

  • Counting calories
  • Cutting off processed foods from daily meals
  • Doing any type of exercise or sport to spend energy
  • Lifting weights at least 3 times per week
  • Adding high protein ingredients on meals

However, no technique will ever work if your mindset is broken.

It seems odd but talking from experience I have to say: In order to reduce weight in a healthy way and keep it off permanently one needs to have or develop a certain amount of self esteem and self-love.

It is a whole lot easier to apply and transform these weight management tactics above into habits when you love yourself.

Self-loathing can definitely transform anyone into an eating machine.

When you accomplish a certain degree of self-esteem and self-love it just seems automatic that you take the right decisions most of the times which will benefit yourself for the long run.

Self-destructive behaviors can be very subtle and if you fail on identifying and eliminating them you can get into a degrading cycle taking you day after day further away from your vision.

As said by Buffett:

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” Warren Buffett

Bottom line: Start creating boundaries of what is accepted in your temple. You only have one body. If you take care of it properly it will be very generous in return during your entire life. Love and take care of yourself. You deserve it.



Skinny or Fat Accept Yourself

In order to develop self-love you have to first accept yourself.

Sounds like obvious advice. But nowadays it seems that the norm is to NOT be OK with who you are.

That is pretty f#cked up in my opinion.

Social conditioning is happening through multiple channels. The common message conveyed constantly is that you need a product or service to complete you, to finally feel fully happy.

There is always some crap you should purchase to “fix” you up.

Drop it all.

There is no need to get anything. In fact, the less stuff you get the chances are that you will feel better.

Every single time the excitement of the new shining object goes away and we fall back into the state we are most habituated with.

That is why there is a need to truly shift your mindset if you want to accomplish and maintain certain fitness goals.

Accept who you are, the way you are, right now.

It doesn’t matter your current situation. Simply accept it all.

From this point is easier to look objectively to yourself in the mirror and give advice for that person which you love, accept and support unconditionally.

We always know what is good for our loved ones, right?

Bottom line: When you remove the baggage, the negative self-talk and all (or most of) the toxic elements from your thought patterns it’s way simpler to give and follow the good advice you will receive from others and from yourself.



Fitness Journey

Just because you love and accept yourself fully it doesn’t mean you should sit around and do nothing with your life.

I mean … You can do it. But it’s not very productive and forget about achieving any vision.

Human beings are masters in creating rationalizations for justifying their behaviors and lack of results.

We are really good at creating excuses.

Become self-aware of where you are creating excuses in your life and how this behavior is screwing you up.

Ask yourself and answer honestly:

  1. Are you really not eating more than you should? Use a tool (like MyFitnessPal … it’s free) for tracking every meal you ingest and be baffled regarding how many calories your body is actually consuming daily.

  2. How much time do you exercise daily or weekly? Again TRACK IT! Figure out how many calories are burned depending on which activity you are executing. It’s very possible that the number of calories you are burning is way less than what you think. It’s way easier to not ingest as many food in order to accomplish a caloric deficit daily. The MyFitnessPal app also has the feature of inserting calories you burnt.
  3. How many hours do you sleep on average and is your bedroom properly structured for a proper night of full recovery?

Again, authenticity here is key.

You need to measure these metrics if you want to improve your body quickly.

As said by Drucker:

” What gets measured gets improved. ” – Peter Drucker

Bottom line: Stop making rationalizations to justify your lack of results. Build the right habits and track the important metrics which are going to make you lose weight quickly.

The Punchline


Nobody will do it for you.

You have to do the work.

If you want to change your current situation start taking action immediately.

If you are new to The Weight Loss Fastlane feel free to get to know the system I and thousands of people have used to achieve our fitness goals in a time frame of weeks.


Find Out How to Lose Weight in Weeks

Warning: This is not for everyone. It takes work. So if you want a magic pill, forget about it.


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